Thursday, February 4, 2010


Everytime I go to Europe, I become gripped with jealousy. Shoes there are just a lot more fun. The extensive selection of men's footwear completely trumps what I've come to realized is a paltry offering here in the US -- even in New York. Sure, some of these labels are available online, but I don't mess with shopping for shoes on the net. It's just not as enjoyable, and sizing is always tricky. I'm often between sizes, and I don't really want to order two or three different pairs. And again, there is no greater joy than purchasing an amazing new pair of shoes in person. NO GREATER JOY.

In any case, I've been stalking the amazing British label Mr. Hare for a number of months now. I often visit their site to check on new styles, and the spring 2010 collection is just jaw-droppingly amazing. Sadly, they are not distributed in the US at all. So, I shall have to stick to drooling over my laptop until I make it to London, or any of the other cities where they are sold. Bah. Sadness all around.

Below are my favorite styles for spring.

This one here is the FELA, and as you can see it's made with one cut of leather. I've yet to own a pair that's of a single cut, and I would love it if this were to be the one.  They also offer the PACHECO which is the same shoe but a Brogue.

How incredible is the BARRETTO? I love the leather and suede combination, and the cut-outs will offer ventilation for super-hot summer days. I can see it with a great white shirt and too-short shorts.

Saddle shoes are classic in every way. And the black and white JERRY LEE offers, per the site (and considering how much these things cost, I'm going to go ahead and believe them), perfect construction and unbelievable comfort.

For the rest of the collection, check out the site. Right now, you can only buy them in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Tokyo and Singapore -- and Darn my life!

(Photo credit: Mr Hare)

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