Sunday, January 31, 2010


I love tacos. I eat so much of it (rice is its only rival). Thankfully, living in the New York area means there's always a taco source nearby. And really, I've never met a taco I didn't like; surely they do their part in keeping me just a little bit fat.

There's a small restaurant here in Jersey City called Taqueria (left) that serves delicious Mexican fare. The menu isn't very expansive, and the owners vow never to wow you with table side guac demonstrations. This is all for the best, because I go there for the amazing fish ($3) and pork tacos ($2.50) -- with a side of rice and beans. A perfect little meal (for very little money).  If you ever find yourself in Jersey, go to the corner of Grand and Grove and indulge.

This might be an embarrassing revelation for some, but I also really, really love the wonton tacos (right) from Applebee's. It's not a traditional taco by any stretch, but it's quite tasty. It comes with either chicken or pork, and I've never had the chicken, because the pork is so good. The wonton shells add a wonderful twist.

But of course the search is not nearly over (I suspect it'll never end). I want to discover more of the best tacos out there. When I was in Berlin in August, I read about this great new Mexican restaurant in Mitte called Maria Bonita.

Berlin isn't known for its selection of Mex cuisine (though delish Turkish street food is everywhere) so when all the blogs are raving, I had to try it out. Opened by a group Australians, it's apparently a big post-work hangout for expats looking to fill their Mexican cravings. I trekked from my hostel for lunch and, thankfully, it wasn't very busy. It's small, and like Taqueria, it's fare is limited to a few staples. Sadly, I didn't have the tacos (I like to mix it up), but I did have some bangin' enchiladas. It's unfortunate I couldn't go a second time (I was very busy stuffing my face with doner kebabs), but as a self-proclaimed Mex connoisseur, I'd say it was well worth a visit. And if you do, try out the tacos and let me know how they are. I'm so in love with Berlin that going back for tacos can hardly be a bad thing.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


I don't typically wear jewelry. It's not really my thing. But last summer, NYC jewelry designer Laura Lobdell stopped by the office to drop off a gift. Part of her Seeds of Silk collection, the knotted bracelet was made by disadvantaged Cambodian women. Each piece, which can be worn a variety of ways, is accented with embellishments like gems and sterling silver charms.

I totally fell in love with it and tried to use it as often as possible (as a jewelry neophyte this required concentrated effort). I wore mine as a bracelet a few times and have recently also worn it as a necklace. Since receiving this gift, I've procured a couple of other wrist pieces, with which to layer.

From left to right: a strip of I don't know that a friend bought me from an artisan outside the Met Museum; an ombre knit bracelet from the Gap; and the Laura Lobdell bracelet.

Friday, January 29, 2010


When my hair gets to be too long, I stop doing things to it entirely. I let it air dry; I will rarely put product in it; and I won't style it. Instead, I try to find accessories to put on my head to distract people from the mess that it is. Today, I'm wearing an oversized knit beanie.

Earlier this fall I started wearing headbands/bandanas. My friends weren't big fans. I was called many things including Rambo and loser. Personally, I enjoyed the look. So I tried to find other guys rocking it. Culling through the vast recesses of the internet for boys wearing a traditionally female accessory should be easy enough. Alas, it was not. Here's what I discovered.

They all look great, but I suspect my head is larger than theirs. Being a little bit fat means having a sizable noggin, sizable enough for me to doubt I'll  be able to pull these looks off as these guys do. I shall continue the struggle and post photographic evidence soon enough.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


When Blogger asked me to provide a description for this here blog, I simply typed in: "foodstuffs and fashions." And while this little corner of the interwebs will certainly be chronicling the the synergy of eating and clothing in my life, I will also be addressing other topics like popular culture, literature and warfare.

But to begin, here are two photos of something I will never, ever eat (a rarity, to be sure).

They are flamingo poop-shaped candies. A fascinating treat for my eleven year old sister; a neon-colored source of terror for me. 

An auspicious start to a blog, no?