Saturday, January 30, 2010


I don't typically wear jewelry. It's not really my thing. But last summer, NYC jewelry designer Laura Lobdell stopped by the office to drop off a gift. Part of her Seeds of Silk collection, the knotted bracelet was made by disadvantaged Cambodian women. Each piece, which can be worn a variety of ways, is accented with embellishments like gems and sterling silver charms.

I totally fell in love with it and tried to use it as often as possible (as a jewelry neophyte this required concentrated effort). I wore mine as a bracelet a few times and have recently also worn it as a necklace. Since receiving this gift, I've procured a couple of other wrist pieces, with which to layer.

From left to right: a strip of I don't know that a friend bought me from an artisan outside the Met Museum; an ombre knit bracelet from the Gap; and the Laura Lobdell bracelet.

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