Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Put on my blue suede shoes...

As I said in the post below, I will be taking greater care in showcasing my collection of footwear -- a collection I cherish with alien devotion.

My first is, strangely enough, a pair I rarely wear, because I don't want to destroy the awesome baby blue suede. They're Lambertson Truex, and I bought them at Bloomingdale's a few years ago (for dirt cheap). The friend I was shopping with couldn't get his head around why I would want baby blue shoes, but why not? I think they're awesome and perfectly encapsulate my sartorial point of view. Everything about them is pretty subdued - - the classic silhouette and the soft pastel. But I think they still add an unexpected touch. Plus, they are incredibly comfortable. Comfort is not usually a factor in my shoe-buying excursions, but it has to be noted how wonderful these are to wear.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Get on my feet!

It has been about six months since I've last purchased a pair of shoes. For some this may not seem like a serious grievance, but for me, it's a truly unnerving reality. I just don't have the funds to buy the shoes I want. That's the bottom line. Thus, I've been living in fantasy world, and patiently waiting for sample sale season here in NY, which begins in a few short weeks -- just in time for my "25th" birthday.

It's no surprise to anyone for me to reveal my boundless love for shoes, but I am a firm believer in the vital role they play in creating your style identity. Thus, I'll be taking greater care in chronicling my footwear choices going forward.

But back to fantasy world. Below, I've selected a few pairs I've been drooling over.