Friday, January 29, 2010


When my hair gets to be too long, I stop doing things to it entirely. I let it air dry; I will rarely put product in it; and I won't style it. Instead, I try to find accessories to put on my head to distract people from the mess that it is. Today, I'm wearing an oversized knit beanie.

Earlier this fall I started wearing headbands/bandanas. My friends weren't big fans. I was called many things including Rambo and loser. Personally, I enjoyed the look. So I tried to find other guys rocking it. Culling through the vast recesses of the internet for boys wearing a traditionally female accessory should be easy enough. Alas, it was not. Here's what I discovered.

They all look great, but I suspect my head is larger than theirs. Being a little bit fat means having a sizable noggin, sizable enough for me to doubt I'll  be able to pull these looks off as these guys do. I shall continue the struggle and post photographic evidence soon enough.

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