Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Look 'ma, I'm a football star!

It's the middle of fashion weeks the world over. And everywhere you turn, there's coverage of what we'll all be wearing next fall. I'll be back in the coming weeks with my favorite looks from the collections, but for now, all I want is warm weather! The smorgasbord we've been getting in NY has been frustrating. We get something new every day. Now, it's a bit of a wintry mix of rain and snow.

So I dream of calmer climes. I want it to be warmer so I can stop wearing heavy knits and jackets. Once we do reach the drier, hotter weather, I'll be back to  shorts, blazers and the like. I'll need to be creative and resourceful, because I've placed myself on a budget. I realize my spending has been out of control. I'll be more judicious with purchases while having more fun with what I have now.

Something I'm really coveting? This Anzevino & Florence shirt.

It has everything I like in a garment: a simple silhouette with quirky details. I can already picture how well this will blend into my wardrobe. One day it will be with denim cut-offs; another day with trousers. It's called the football tee, because of the incredible lacing on the shoulders. Amazing! 

(Photo credit: I don't like Mondays)

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  1. A the color of white, i think this cloths are very good in hot days.